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C’mon Pope, your better than that & “Washington D.C., we have a problem here”

Before getting to our Retro Rant post, I thought that I would post why it is time to go to war with Diablo Robert Mueller & his Democrat donor lawyer’s clear “impeachment/prosecution team”. President Trump’s addition of Rudy Giuliani is pure genius as he will continue to pummel Robert Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt” without merit & expose just how absurd this whole investigation has been. I think that either President Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to fire Deputy Assistant Rod Rosenstein who is “colluding” with Mueller with their comically transparent soft coup. This will effectively shut down Mueller wildly pursuing everything but the fraudulent Trump-Russian collusion & obstruction of justice, which is exactly what the “deep state” DOJ, FBI is doing with all of the files that Congress has requested. Too, Rosenstein himself is guilty of crimes including presenting the phony dossier knowing full well that is was pure fiction to the FISA courts. President Trump then can nominate a strong Deputy Assistant DOJ individual to eventually replace Sessions who I think has become part of the swamp or he is so petrified of taking on the Clinton’s & the former Obama regime that he can’t do his job. When Devin Nunes is threatening contempt charges against AG Jeff Sessions then it is “Washington D.C., we have a problem”, which needs to be solved as the “deep state” is slow walking everything.

President Trump should also demand all of the files that the FBI & DOJ have within a two week window. If they don’t comply with this then let them know that there will be a mass exodus of staffers & upper management from these two agencies as the pink slips will be “fast & furious”. Then declassify everything once his lawyers determine that none of these files jeopardize national security. The conservative media/pundits need to keep exposing just how corrupt Robert Mueller & his cohorts like Andrew Weissman have been from the botched anthrax case to them putting four innocent men in prison where two of them actually died while being locked up to protect serial killer Whitey Bulger. While Bulger was an informant for “Diablo” Mueller, he murdered several people. Two innocent people died in prison because of Mueller/Weissman, coupled with the others “whacked” by Bulger. And, the two stooges (Mueller/Weissman) were guilty of prosecutorial misconduct & overreach in the Arthur Andersen case where thousands of people needlessly lost their jobs because of them. The Supreme Court had reversed Weissman 9-0 in this case!

Stay tuned for “Cmon Pope, your better than that & “Washington, we have a problem” Part II

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