February 2019
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The Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming!

Socialist-Marxist Angela Merkel declares Islam is not the source of terrorism, but the Christians who make Muslims feel angry being the cause of Islamophobia. It’s “useful idiots” like Angela Merkel that are ruining their countries by accepting tens of thousands of Muslim refugees caused in large part by former President Barack Obama’s & the Democrats “White Flag Diplomacy”. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Obama followed this insanity up by giving Iran, #1 state sponsor of terrorism a roadmap to nuke up with a bodacious signing bonus of $150 million.

Back to Merkel’s moronic assertion that Christians are to blame for Muslims behaving badly. First of all, the Muslims when having sufficient numbers come to dominate, and not to assimilate. Are Christians responsible for 300+ million people killed by Muslims in the past 1,400 years Angie? Are Christians responsible for women & gays being treated horribly in virtually every Muslim country? Are Christians responsible for the 12,000 + terrorist attacks since 9/11? Are Christians responsible for writing the Koran/Quran where there are over 100 verses that require that adherents kill or convert every infidel? These leftist Socialist/Marxist leaders ensure that their countries will eventually be seized by radical Islam. I mean Europe already has no go zones where even police are afraid to go into Muslim neighborhoods. This coupled with Sharia Law courts in France/Great Britain with 7th Century justice is unacceptable in any civilized nation.

I believe that these Muslims should have been welcomed into Middle Eastern countries, coupled with other Islamic nations, rather than having them shipped into Europe. These Muslims have thanked their host countries by raping, pillaging & launching numerous acts of terrorism in France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden & others. I’ve seen other research that any country where Muslims comprise 8% or more of the population in any nation results in them taking over & making the country Islamic.

Back to Angela Merkel who foolishly thought that Muslims would fill the void of Germany’s low reproduction/ birth rate to boost the economy. What happened though is that the Muslim refugees have been up front that their gameplan is to take over the countries by collecting welfare, coupled with having 6 to 10 children that will all be on the public dole. The strategy to conquer Europe is causing chaos & overwhelming the countries with sheer population gains through producing many babies, while western couples will have only 1 or 2 children through family planning or abortion.

I’ve said that Socialism sucks before, and these leaders in Europe shut down free speech, especially if their citizens are critical of the suicide mission that they have embarked upon. 3M or Merkel, Macron & May are clueless globalists who ignore the pleas of their own citizens apparently are epic failures at learning from history. There isn’t one nation where Muslims immigrated in large numbers where peace & prosperity was the end result in human history. Sadly, Europe & liberal Democrats in the United States of America think they know better or they purposely harm their own nations in order to maintain power.

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