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Why does anybody watch perverts like Stephen Colbert & Bill Maher?

Sean Hannity is a rock ribbed, all-American conservative with a Mike Tyson mentality (sans the ear biting) that I almost always agree with on issue after issue. But, Sean Hannity admonishes folks like myself that believe boycotting Stephen Colbert & Bill Maher is the wrong action, despite these two perverts excoriating the President & his family in the most bizarre fashion.

Stephen Colbert was on the brink of being cancelled as he is in dire need of a talent infusion & his program had pathetic ratings. Colbert’s show was an unwatchable late night train wreck that managed to get a lifeline once Donald Trump was elected as President of these United States. Colbert’s strategy was to go negative so he & his clownish cavalcade of liberal Democrat writers embarked on a destroy Donald Trump jihad. It resurrected his program as there is an unhealthy hatred of President Trump bordering on howl at the moon lunacy by dysfunctional leftist wackadoodles. Fortunately, Colbert still is in the rear view mirror compared to Jimmy Fallon who is a comedic genius who connects with his guests on his show. Sometimes Fallon throws a bone to the leftist sore losers who can’t get over the fact that the American people were just not that into Hillary Clinton.

I’m a big free speech guy, but Colbert’s homophobic references to President Trump & Vladimir Putin gay rendezvous was clearly over the line. Why does Steven Colbert hate gay people? I thought using their go to play of leftist drones by demonizing opponents by accusing them of being racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic was in order. Conversely, Colbert has a lot to answer for by using gay relations as an insult intended to harm President Trump. That’s why I believe that “we the people” should boycott Colbert’s lame show (already have been doing that), and more importantly all of his advertisers. If angry Americans want to take this a step further, then they can turn off all CBS programming, since their lack of action on Colbert’s detestable actions constitutes a tacit approval on the Executives part. Too, Bill Maher asserting that Ivanka Trump has sex with her father to “keep him from blowing up Finland” shows what a low life hack psychopath he is to stoop to those lengths to harm our President. I’m hoping that these two hate mongers continue the downward trend of the Democrats who have lost over 1,200 seats since President Obama’s “Hope & Change that we can believe in” turned into a nightmare that eclipses Stephen King’s scariest horror films.

The more unhinged the leftist Democrats become with a Pinocchio “Paloozafest” of lies about everything the Republicans want to do the better. It is imperative for President Trump to keep pointing out the pervasive dishonesty of the Democrats at every turn. We all should have learned an important lesson from George W. Bush who let the Democrats & their DNC media puppets destroy his Presidency as he never fought back. Our side needs to be like Rambo fused with Chuck Norris when he was the world champion in order to defeat the forces of ANTIFA & “Crybaby Schumer”, Cruella De Pelosi & their Marxist comrades who are dangerous whenever they are out of power.

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