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Donald Trump is President-elect, now what? & Twitter Wars “Part I”

Like millions of Americans, I was overjoyed, relieved & optimistic for the future of the United States of America when Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton in a humiliating defeat for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s nefarious minions including Nazi sympathizer George Soros had poured in nearly $2 billion to defeat “The Donald”, but count me among the amazed that Mr. Trump was able to overcome Hillary, the DNC Media (Democrat National Committee) & even incoming from alleged conservatives like Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney this election season.

I didn’t even think that Donald Trump would emerge as the Republican nominee with a loaded field of GOP candidates including Governor Walker/Perry/Jindal/Huckabee, coupled with Senator’s Cruz & Rubio, along with the establishment’s darling Jeb Bush. I guess I was among the vast majority of folks who were wrong as only Ann Coulter correctly predicted a Donald Trump victory! I was a Ted Cruz supporter as I believe he was & still is a true blue conservative that fought drunk & wimpy establishment types like John Boehner & his Senate partner Mitch McConnell who caved to Barack Hussein Obama every single time. I wanted to give credit where credit is due though to McConnell who held strong on not letting Obama pick the Supreme Court’s successor to Antonin Scalia who tragically died this past year. Scalia was quite possibly the Supreme Court’s best Justice that America has ever had based on his brilliance & his insistence on upholding the Constitution. President-elect Trump has submitted a stellar roster of potential Supreme Court Justice picks that would most likely continue the legacy befitting a legend like Justice Scalia.

The left is acting even more insane than they usually do by stepping up riots, doubling down on white supremacist’s tipped the scales to Donald Trump, to the kooky conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin of Russia fixed the election for Donald Trump because he hated Hillary Clinton. I had joked that a Vladimir Putin decked out in a cat burglar’s mask slipped into all of the polling places in key battleground states without his shirt on of course & deleted votes for the hapless Hillary Clinton to throw the election to Trump. Putin then flew back to Moscow & celebrated with his Russian Generals by dancing to catchy KGB songs, compared their Russian “Babushka dolls” collections (nesting dolls) before playing a spirited Vodka quarters game as they laughed the night away. I mean the Democrats charges are funnier than a best of Saturday Night Live marathon!

I guess Hillary’s & Barack’s “Russian Reset” needs some help! Wikileaks hero Julian Assange who exposed Hillary Clinton & the despicable & “deplorable” Democrat Party said the Russians had nothing to do with the hacked emails, plus other sources concurred that independent hackers like Guccifer/governments easily accessed Clinton’s unprotected email server. Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law after the FBI Director James Comey is fired by the the Trump-Pence Administration

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