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“Black Lives Matters” & Colin Kaepernick are hurting African Americans

There have been reports that the Seattle Seahawks will have a team protest against the National Anthem on Sunday. Maybe the fans should boycott these spoiled brats games & NFL merchandise for athletes in other sports who are patriotic. I’ve read several pieces that link Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll to one of the tin foil hat “Truther” nut jobs that believe the USA government was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center & Pentagon, which resulting in the death of 3,000 innocent Americans. If this is the case, then I’m glad that Pete Carroll cost his team the Super Bowl with one of the most moronic play calls in history. The New England Patriots appeared ready to concede the Seahawks a touchdown who were inside the two yard line as they wanted to get the ball back to Tom Brady. Pete Carroll could have just had Russell Wilson hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch (aka “Beast Mode”) who would have walked into the end zone, but inexplicably had Wilson throw a slant pass instead that was promptly intercepted by Patriot defender Malcolm Butler.

Back to the “Useful Idiot” players who don’t seem to realize that there are about 125 blacks killed by police of all colors each year (most are in self-defense of themselves or other civilians), while nearly 18,000 blacks are murdered by other blacks on an annual basis. These pampered millionaires also aren’t too broken up by the statistic that white cops are 8x more likely to be killed by blacks either. Colin Kaepernick doesn’t seem too interested in the outrageous killing sprees in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit etc. or nearly 50% of black babies that are aborted each year. Kaerpernick & other clueless copycat players are literally stoking more violence in these communities as the attacks on brave police officers by Democrats have law enforcement pulling back because they know that leftist politicians & thugs are literally gunning for them. This costs innocent minorities their lives as the bad guys know that they are free to roam about the cities raping & pillaging the law abiding citizens.

A courageous African American women who lost her son to a horrific homicide at the hands of a black criminal said, “Black lives only seem to matter when police are involved”. Sadly, I think she has nailed it as this is a political movement that is devoid of any real solutions to long standing problems. We need intact black families where the father’s stay home to raise their children, coupled with stellar schools to educate minority students. How about a partnership with police departments, rather than an adversarial relationship that fosters more violence & chaos?

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