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God is still in control even if the Democrats are modern day Pharisees

Million of Americans are literally still steaming at FBI Director James Comey giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her array of crimes committed with her illegal email server. When our Community agitator aka President Obama tainted the investigation by signaling to his corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch & the FBI that he thought Madame Clinton was innocent of all charges, the fix was in to broom this investigation. If Hillary Clinton was a Republican she already would have been fast tracked to the “Big House”.

The hypocrisy from the Obama regime is breathtaking as they promised us the most transparent Administration in our lifetime, but all we get is a double standard that produces more scandals & corruption than any President in our history including President Nixon who only covered up a 3rd rate burglary in “Watergate”. The scary thing is that the American people could be stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton, despite her & Bill Clinton’s pervasive corruption that has dogged them for decades. Our country has elected Bill Clinton/Barack Hussein Obama for two terms so anything is possible.

Conversely, Christians can take solace in knowing the our awesome God is still in control. God is omniscient so He already knew that this sordid chapter in American life would take place. Even if there is not justice in the world, we can praise God that the afterlife/eternity will feature peace beyond our comprehension. The bad guys (Democrats/Communists/Dictators) might get away with murder (Benghazi) & crimes that would make Al Capone blush, however, their days of reckoning will be at hand. (Disclaimer, not all Democrats are evil people destined for Hell, except most of the elected ones who justify the barbaric actions of Planned Parenthood.)

And, in the meanwhile, conservatives can still fight like mad to ensure that Hillary Clinton is not elected as POTUS. This means convincing friends, family, colleagues & even acquaintances that the current path that our country is speeding toward will ultimately end up in economic Armageddon that will doom us for generations. In other words, lets turn around our contemporary Titanic before it is too late. Conservatism hasn’t been implemented, since my political hero Ronald Wilson Reagan transformed America into the “shining city on the hill”. And, lets have copious amounts of prayer to God that the USA is worth saving! Let’s bless Him whenever we can because we can never out give God here on earth, and especially in the afterlife.

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