February 2019
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C’mon Pope, your better than that & “Washington D.C., we have a problem here”

Before getting to our Retro Rant post, I thought that I would post why it is time to go to war with Diablo Robert Mueller & his Democrat donor lawyer’s clear “impeachment/prosecution team”. President Trump’s addition of Rudy Giuliani is pure genius as he will continue to pummel Robert Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt” [...]

Father knows best & mom too!

My mom and dad have been emailing family members a “Word of the Day” that has been inspiring & uplifting to me. I’ve passed them along to some of my email buddies, and thought that sharing them on my blog hopefully will touch someone as well.
The Word for the day comes from Jeremiah 29:11…For I [...]

Is America really this stupid or “Are our people really Socialist?” “Part I”

In the wake of several polls that show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by double digits nationally and in key battleground states it raises some dire questions about the state of the United States of America. I mean after nearly 8-years of Barack Hussein Obama who could be the worst President in the history of [...]

God is still in control even if the Democrats are modern day Pharisees

Million of Americans are literally still steaming at FBI Director James Comey giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her array of crimes committed with her illegal email server. When our Community agitator aka President Obama tainted the investigation by signaling to his corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch & the FBI that he thought Madame Clinton [...]