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Is America really this stupid or “Are our people really Socialist?” “Part I”

In the wake of several polls that show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by double digits nationally and in key battleground states it raises some dire questions about the state of the United States of America. I mean after nearly 8-years of Barack Hussein Obama who could be the worst President in the history of the country (Jimmy Carter/Woodrow Wilson can breathe a sigh of relief), the possibility of Hillary Clinton serving out his third term seems to be some bizarre “Tales from the Crypt” horror show loop. I mean you don’t have to be the late, super lawyer Johnny Cochran’s ghost to make a case against the Democrats. The evidence is compelling that their Socialist/Marxist policies are systematically destroying the United States of America. We have a 51 year low for home ownership, which will probably set records before the end of Obama’s second term. The labor participation rate is the lowest since the aforementioned hack Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s who should stick to building Habitat for Humanity homes. Too, we have 1 in 6 people are in poverty, and 50 million people are on food stamps. How about more millennials are living at home then anytime in modern history? Obama will have more than doubled the national debt in eight years or eclipsed our previous 232 years! This is not George W. Bush’s fault as this is all the left has to fall back on, but their immoral spending spree that will “albatross” our children and grandchildren for the rest of their lives.

One thing we need to get straight; the needless pain & suffering is because of the Obama regime and their Democrat comrades (Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer). America is not defective, except a majority of her voters in the past two Presidential elections walked into the polling places without their collective brains. The GOP establishment has been reminiscent of the cowardly lion in the “Wizard of Oz’ by not standing up to Obama as they appeared to have a mass case of the vapors that they would be blamed by the “insanestream” liberal media for a government shut down. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sounded an ominous warning when he was tapped to be Mitt Romney’s running mate that we were looking at an Economic Armageddon in a couple of years if we didn’t reverse course. Maybe he had amnesia or suddenly lost his nerve in standing up to the Democrats as the House of Representatives has the power of the purse. Too, the Democrats were the authors of the economic meltdown in 2008 as Bill Clinton’s regime was behind the “Community Reinvestment Act” that forced banks and lending institutions into making insane loans/mortgages to poor people that had zero chance of paying them back unless they won the Power Ball jackpot. Congressional Democrats such as Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd misled the public about the Government Sponsored Entities (GSA’s) Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac extolling their virtues, despite repeated warnings from the Bush Administration.

God is still in control even if the Democrats are modern day Pharisees

Million of Americans are literally still steaming at FBI Director James Comey giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her array of crimes committed with her illegal email server. When our Community agitator aka President Obama tainted the investigation by signaling to his corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch & the FBI that he thought Madame Clinton was innocent of all charges, the fix was in to broom this investigation. If Hillary Clinton was a Republican she already would have been fast tracked to the “Big House”.

The hypocrisy from the Obama regime is breathtaking as they promised us the most transparent Administration in our lifetime, but all we get is a double standard that produces more scandals & corruption than any President in our history including President Nixon who only covered up a 3rd rate burglary in “Watergate”. The scary thing is that the American people could be stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton, despite her & Bill Clinton’s pervasive corruption that has dogged them for decades. Our country has elected Bill Clinton/Barack Hussein Obama for two terms so anything is possible.

Conversely, Christians can take solace in knowing the our awesome God is still in control. God is omniscient so He already knew that this sordid chapter in American life would take place. Even if there is not justice in the world, we can praise God that the afterlife/eternity will feature peace beyond our comprehension. The bad guys (Democrats/Communists/Dictators) might get away with murder (Benghazi) & crimes that would make Al Capone blush, however, their days of reckoning will be at hand. (Disclaimer, not all Democrats are evil people destined for Hell, except most of the elected ones who justify the barbaric actions of Planned Parenthood.)

And, in the meanwhile, conservatives can still fight like mad to ensure that Hillary Clinton is not elected as POTUS. This means convincing friends, family, colleagues & even acquaintances that the current path that our country is speeding toward will ultimately end up in economic Armageddon that will doom us for generations. In other words, lets turn around our contemporary Titanic before it is too late. Conservatism hasn’t been implemented, since my political hero Ronald Wilson Reagan transformed America into the “shining city on the hill”. And, lets have copious amounts of prayer to God that the USA is worth saving! Let’s bless Him whenever we can because we can never out give God here on earth, and especially in the afterlife.

Reince Priebus, you’ve got mail!

I received a letter from the Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee Chairman recently that I just had to share with you all. It started off with “This NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY has been sent to you because the Republican Party has contacted you multiple times to ask for your support of our 2016 campaign.”, which was pretty ironic, since I’ve informed the party several times in writing and on the phone that I’m out as long as the corrupt and incompetent losers like John Bonior and Mitch McConnell, and John McCain are the power brokers. Fortunately, John “Lucifer” aka Benedict Arnold, Bonior (he had the gall to call Ted Cruz the Lucifer” was forced out as he was Barack Obama’s “wingman” in pushing for disastrous legislation.

I’m still voting for Republicans almost 100% unless the candidate are simply too unacceptable, and I won’t vote for a Democrat ever whether he or she is running for dog catcher to President. But, I reserve the right to sit out elections when the Republican politician is too leftist or a RINO (Republican in name only). And, after the 2016 campaign season, it might be time to form a “Freedom Party” if the establishment insiders such as Karl Rove at the helm steal the nomination away from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to parachute another candidate like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney in during a contested convention who didn’t even run for the Republican nomination. This will ensure another crushing defeat as the base is sick and tired of moderates who talk a good game of Conservatism, but they aren’t interested in “matriculating the ball downfield” as the late great Hank Stram said during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory. I’m also only donating money directly to Constitutional Conservative candidates such as Ted Cruz, however, I won’t send a penny to Republican organizations like the (RNC) Republican National Committee or (RSCC) Republican Senate Campaign Committee who seem more interested in attacking the Tea Party, caving to the Democrats, or breaking their campaign promises. On the other hand, The Heritage Foundation led by the intrepid Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina Senator are difference makers who are committed to “fighting the good fight” against destructive Progressive, Socialist, Liberal Democrat, Communist policies.

Here is my letter to Reince Priebus who may be front and center in catering to the establishment elites who have let the base down time and time again. Priebus seems competent in the interviews that I’ve seen with him, but it seems it all about the money. Speaking of that, what has the GOP voters gotten for helping turn the Congress over to the Republican side? How’s that working out so far? All we get are excuses and posturing by the GOP leaders before they inevitably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

“Dear Mr. Priebus,

I have supported the Republican Party for years, both financially as well as through activism with my blog and an array of Letters to the Editor in several newspapers. I’ve contacted GOP leadership on numerous occasions asking them to live up to their campaign promises. The establishment (Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and the disgraced John Bonior) and company seemed more interested in attacking conservatives than fighting against Barack Hussein Obama’s un-Constitutional Executive Orders such as amnesty or reigning in unprecedented debt and deficits.

There have been numerous polls that show that 60% of Republicans feel betrayed by their party. I count myself among those that have been disgusted by weak and ineffectual GOP leadership that has put their own selfish interests of power ahead of the American people and our amazing country. Case in point, these simpletons believe that amnesty as payback to nefarious donors such as the US Chamber of Commerce is more important than the future of our republic. Never mind that the Hispanic vote has routinely gone 70% or more to the Democrat party for decades. This suicide mission will effectively finish off the Republican party and ultimately the United States of America. These geniuses are culpable for our nearly $19 trillion national debt and approximately $200 trillion in unfunded mandates, which represents a clear and present danger.

Mr. Priebus, I don’t know if you are personally involved in this political horror show that would make Stephen King shriek, but massive reform is needed or a 3rd Party (Freedom Party, Constitution Party) could be the end result.

Wayde Delafield

All Republican candidates much better than Hillary, Bernie or Martin!

I’m watching the warm-up debate on CNN, and it amazes me how much each of the Republican candidates are infinitely more qualified than the Democrat candidates who are all about attacking police officers, obsessing over the global warming hoax and giving unfettered access to illegal aliens that are pouring across our borders. The Democrats approach to foreign affairs is “White Flag Diplomacy” with a wink and a nod to Iran, Russia and radical Islamist’s. Hillary Clinton’s horrific tenure as Secretary-of-State ensures that she will go down in history as the worst one ever, although John Kerry just might eclipse her in the future with the “Help Iran get nukes agreement with a $150 billion signing bonus”.

George Pataki, the former Governor of New York had an electric debate performance. His muscular stance on combatting terrorism had me cheering several times, plus his intellect far surpasses the donkeys, and many of the Republican candidates. I suspect that he is not climbing in the polls because of some of his social issues. Ted Cruz is the most brilliant politician that I can remember in my lifetime, and has “Reaganesque” charisma to boot. I loved his response to Donald Trump who called him a maniac in dealing with his fellow Senators when he played the Flashdance soundtrack “Maniac” and said that he will embrace the Donald in a big bear hug. Three of my favorite candidates bowed out early including Governor Perry and Governor Walker being one of the first ones out of the GOP sweepstakes. I thought that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal would have made a fantastic POTUS, but he couldn’t catch the imagination of the Republican voters at least in most polls.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has a likeability factor that is off the charts, coupled with an excellent grasp of all of the important issues of the day. The problem is that 2015-2016 appears to be a protest vote against establishment politicians like Mitch McConnell, John Bonior that have been a big part of the problem, and certainly not the solution. This hurts any GOP politicians that served, except at this point Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio because of their amazing debate performances, and strong ground games since they entered the race.

Rick Santorum is unmatched in his knowledge of all of the issues, but the problem is that he ran for office in 2012. This seems to have hurt the chances of Governor Rick Perry, and Governor Mike Huckabee as they didn’t seize the day in 2012 and 2008 respectively. Santorum won the “Hawkeye Cauci” in 2012, plus 10 additional states, while Huckabee captured it in 2008, but couldn’t parley that into enough momentum to be the Republican standard bearer.

Lindsay Graham is my least favorite GOP candidate as he is a RINO on many of the social issues. I see him as Senator John McCain’s Siamese twin in the Senate. That said, I think Mr. Graham would be a pretty good Commander-in-Chief, but that standard has been irreparably damaged by the Three Stooges White House/State Department of Obama-(Hillary)Clinton, Kerry who have been absolutely awful in every regard.

Presidential predilections Part IV

Let’s get right to it, shall we. The first Republican debate featuring Carly Fiorina besting her opponents in the first debate, which moved her to the top of the leader board, while many of the pundits believed Senator Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Ohio Governor John Kasich were the cream of the crop in round two. Marco Rubio also garnered some positive reviews. I felt that Donald Trump held serve in his first formal debate ever, which is surprising as his background in business and management should have included a debate club or class at college.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was strong against the top tier, although his constant back and forth with Rand Paul might have been a little damaging. Paul is like his dad Ron Paul with plenty of vigor and snarky snippets including suggesting that Christie might want to give Obama another big hug. I think a lot of conservatives, myself included, will never support Christie because we think that he was a bit too chummy with President Obama in the lead-up to the 2012 race. Also, I am not certain of Christie’s conservative credentials as blue state Republicans make me a little wary. The issue of illegal immigration is really important to the survival of our country, and I’m not sure if Christie would be strong on this most crucial topic.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul came off as a little desperate to me as he was itching for a fight with Trump and Christie or whomever he could in order to boost his poll numbers. I’m not so sure about Paul on foreign affairs as we need a controlled hawk to combat ISIS/Al Qaeda (Islamic radicals), Iran, North Korea, Russia etc. Mr. Paul is better than his dad, but his comment that the GOP was the cause of ISIS made my choice of removing him from any list for POTUS was an easy one. I like some of Paul’s economic initiatives, be we live in too dangerous a world for an isolationist to be Commander-in-Chief.

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham is the opposite of Paul in that he is right on dealing with the “War on Terror” and building up a strong national defense again. Conversely, he is John McCain Jr. on domestic issues that matter like the border, climate change nonsense and more. He has been eliminated from any consideration from POTUS unless the moderate Senator can miraculously rise in the polls to 1% to facing off against any Democrat challenger.

What can I say about Ben Carson? Well, his unparalleled dedication to saving children’s lives as a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins hospital qualifies him as one of the best human beings on planet earth. As for the lack of experience question regarding Ben Carson, his point that “experts” have backed us up into an $18 trillion plus national debt and an unbelievable $120 trillion in unfunded mandates isn’t exactly a great commercial for political insiders is a fantastic point. His debate started slow, but his argument that there is no such thing as “a politically correct war” was spot on, coupled with his color blind mentality was impressive. His closing statement that he was the only person on the stage “to separate Siamese Twins” and to “remove half of a brain” for patients, although “it seems like Washington beat me to it” was probably the most memorable lines delivered. Mr. Carson is climbing in the polls and is currently even in second place in Iowa’s “Hawkeye Cauci”. I like Carson personally, and his stance on bringing people together is inspirational.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had a steady and humorous debate performance as most would have expected, since this isn’t his first rodeo as he ran for President in 2008. Too, Huckabee had a highly rated television show on Fox News on Saturday nights before resigning to run for the most powerful position in the world again. Huckabee is great on the social issues, however, I’m not too sure about his commitment to truly securing our borders either. I also didn’t like the way he teamed up with John McCain to ensure Mitt Romney’s defeat either. Again, not to beat a dead horse, but I will vote for any Republican candidate (even Jeb Bush/Lindsay Graham?) versus any Democrat candidate in the general election. Democrats need to be beat in all races from dog catcher to President for many election cycles, while the Republican party needs to punt John Bonior/Mitch McConnell from leadership positions sooner than ASAP for the country to survive.

Presidential predilections Part III

The two Republican debates televised on Fox News had an assortment of fireworks, controversy, and even meaningful debate among the 17 candidates last Thursday evening. Carly Fiorina was the consensus winner of the initial debate as measured by pundits and journalist’s, and broadcasters. I don’t disagree as Fiorina illustrated a great grasp of the issues and her passionate presentation of why she was a conservative who could beat Hillary Clinton was compelling. On the flip side, all GOP’ers claim that they are the next incarnation of Ronald Reagan only to disappoint a significant swath of conservative American’s once they get to Washington D.C. I just read a story on Breitbart that reported that Carly Fiorina criticized my political pick Ted Cruz for triggering the government shut-down over “Obamacare” and showing empathy for crybaby Majority Leader John Bonior. If this is true than Fiorina has disqualified herself for POTUS or a VP pick in my book as many conservatives are sick and tired of pretenders who aren’t willing to fight for what is right. I’ll reserve judgment until I can confirm that this is true.

In the 2nd debate, it was a spirited affair with the biggest controversy resulting with Megyn Kelly sabotaging Donald Trump with an incendiary question about him using harsh terms to describe women. I get it that the whole establishment world is working overtime to destroy “The Donald”, but I tuned into Fox News and it turned into MSNBC in my opinion. We understand the left does everything they can to eviscerate all things conservative, but when Fox News makes the repugnant DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz gush to Megyn Kelly on her eponymous show that they did a wonderful job, then you know how terrible the moderators (Kelly/Chris Wallace really did. Clearly, they wanted to turn this into a reality show or prove how tough they can be with the GOP. It all worked out for them as they set records for primary debates as 24 million people watched, but it might cost Ms. Kelly some viewers in the future as many felt that she was unfair and biased (Fair & Balanced?) against Mr. Trump.

Let’s have a capsule summary of the candidates and their performances starting with the 1st debate.

Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania who won 11 states in the 2012 primary against Mitt Romney and others was bold and solid as usual last Thursday. Santorum’s command of foreign affairs is impressive and he would make an excellent Commander-in-Chief. I’m a Christian as previously mentioned, and I think that a believer in the Oval Office would be a welcome change from the anti-Christian/& Jewish, Muslim sympathizer Barack Obama these last 6-plus years. Santorum is an unapologetic Christian, but I think that it will be difficult for him to repeat his success from four years ago as our country is descending into a secular cesspool by liberal politicians like Hillary/Barack and company.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry probably has the best record of any of the candidates on both stages as the Lone Star state was a job creating paradise, while the rest of the country lost massive jobs from coast-to-coast. I think that Perry was weak on illegal immigration even though he became very muscular on the southern border at the end of his tenure by calling up the Texas National Guard. But, his positions on embracing the “Dreamers” (children of illegal aliens) and not committing to a fence make me very skeptical of how he would handle this issue if he was sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That said, I think that Perry didn’t hurt himself in the debate, unlike 2008 when as a front runner he had the huge gaffe in not remembering the three Federal agencies that were targets of his to be eliminated. Too, Rick Perry is in my top tier for the nomination behind Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and even Trump? who I’m still worried about because of what his ceiling would be in a general election.

George Pataki was a former Republican Governor in one of the bluest states (New York) in the country and did an excellent job. Pataki was in power during 9-11 and formed a great team with Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Mr. Pataki showed well in the debate, although I was reminded by the Fox News moderators (Bill Hemmer, Martha Maccallum) that he was pro-choice. The issues of life and the onslaught of illegal aliens streaming into our country are big issues for me so he is down my personal list.

Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party partner in the next holocaust)!

This won’t be the first time that I’ve said that “Nobody defends the indefensible like the left (Democrats/Socialists/Progressives)”, and it won’t be the last. When you have multiple videos of Planned Parenthood practices eclipsing Science Fiction/Horror movies in a scariness/grotesque realm with “Invasion of the baby snatchers” then you know that we now have reached a new low even for liberal Democrats. I was incredibly upset when I read Harry Reid’s and Hillary Clinton’s latest insanity accusing Republicans of “Waging a War on Women”, which is predictable and shameful when they have nothing else. These political hacks cannot point to anything positive that they have done for American’s then it makes sense for them to try to run the other side down. But, it is maddening that the “Low Information” voters as Rush Limbaugh calls them seem to outnumber the rest of us. Sometimes I think that the United States of America still has more conservatives than liberals and moderates (who seem to break more for the left), but it doesn’t matter if they stay on the sidelines every Presidential election. I can appreciate the bases disgust with moderate nominees like Mitt Romney and John McCain. Maybe that is why Donald Trump is dominating the most recent polls as the American citizens are infuriated at the establishment wing of both parties governing against the will of the people.

Here was my screed against Harry Reid playing politics with the GOP’s efforts to cut off taxpayer funded money for Planned Parenthood that they try to lie that this is a “War on Women” simply because many millions of Americans want to turn off the spigots for a group that has nothing to do with women’s health. Is it a “War on men’ because the taxpayers aren’t paying for condoms or Viagra for the dudes. “Harry Reid doesn’t have a soul and the “Democrats war on babies” is beyond disgusting. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than an racist abortion mill specializing in selling actual baby parts for profits. Other legitimate health centers could provide women’s services, and better than PP that doesn’t even offer mammograms so Harry Reid’s assertions are ludicrous, just like him.” Even worse is that 2/3 of the Planned Parenhood’s clinics are in urban centers having the intended consequence of killing black and brown babies.

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a vile racist who believed in eugenics or the elimination of undesirable races and people who in her estimation would be a burden on society. Here is one of her quotes gleaned from from the sick and twisted Sanger now residing in hell who said, “We should hire 3 or 4 colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Who are Planned Parenthood’s two biggest advocates? Why that would be Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton? Do black lives really matter to liberals, unless of course they are killed by white cops who most times are merely attempting to defend themselves? That’s when we have riots where the inner city residents pay a terrible price as the stores that service the community remain shuttered for months or years.

Presidential predilections for 2016 and more! (Part II)

Let’s jump right in with more of the remaining GOP candidates seeking the Republican nomination for 2016!

Jeb Bush is the ultimate establishment candidate that insulted the Republican conservative base by saying he is desirous of winning the nomination without them. Talk about poking a thumb in the eye of conservatives who for too long have been taken for granted. I coined the term “Amnesty Man” for Jeb Bush who foolishly wants to install virtual turnstiles on the Southern border so millions of Mexicans and OTM can turn us into North Mexico. Never mind that this will ensure Democrat domination of politics for decades, if not for ever as foreigners break almost 80% to the donkeys. This is why we need to shut down the border’s (both North and South), and limit legal immigration too. The exception is inviting the best and the brightest to help us with high tech and areas where employers truly need some additional infusion of talent. If this makes me a racist, then so be it, because I don’t want to see our country destroyed. Almost every other developed country on planet earth has borders, which are stringently enforced. Too, let’s just adopt Mexico’s immigration policy as I believe William Shakespeare said in his epic play “Macbeth”, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”, since protecting the USA should and must be paramount.

Bush’s stance on public education with “Common Core” is aligned with Barack Obama and his Democrat comrades. These two positions alone should disqualify him from winning the Republican nomination. But, an even bigger issue is that he would mirror the last two losing candidates for POTUS (John McCain and Mitt Romney) as mushy moderates who will most definitely depress conservative turnout. We can’t afford a trifecta of defeats to eminently beatable Democrat’s when the very survival of the country is at stake. Some believe that we have already passed the threshold of a point of no return, but I hope these pundits can be proven wrong.

On the other hand, I have been impressed with the candidacy of Carly Fiorina who has turned most of her fire on Hillary Clinton. In my humble opinion, Fiorina would dominate Madame Secretary (Dog ate my server and classified emails) Clinton in the debates. Unfortunately, Carly isn’t gaining a lot of traction thus far and may be left out of the initial Republican debate on August 6th in Cleveland, Ohio. I think that the candidates who don’t make the cut for the debate hosted by Fox News, since they made the decision to only feature the top 10 in this showdown should be afforded an opportunity on another night. If Americans are truly going to make an informed decision then all of the GOP hopefuls should get an opportunity to showcase their views, hopes and skills in front of a national televised audience, except for Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham (just kidding!).

Carly Fiorina seems to have an impressive conservative agenda and is fearless and articulate. She is a quasi outsider as she ran for a 2010 Senate seat in California, but was bested by the deplorable Barbara Boxer in one of the bluest states in the union. Fiorina also was an advisor to John McCain’s 2008 Presidential race. She ran Hewlett Packard, a Fortune 100 company with one of her key contributions being the acquisition of Compaq Computer company that made HP the largest technology company in the world. I love the way she lights up Hillary Clinton’s colossal corruption and incompetence. It’s still early in the campaign, but Carly is going to have to somehow manage to eclipse her competitors on the deep Republican bench before the “Hawkeye cauci” and New Hampshire primary. Some good news for the former CEO is that she is a multi-millionaire that could self-fund her campaign for quite awhile too.

Presidential predilections for 2016 and more! (Part I)

My previous two posts delved into the GOP field for the 2016 Presidential sweepstakes. I believed that Donald Trump is the quintessential wildcard who is finally giving Americans the chance to adequately debate key issues like illegal immigration and the despicable treatment of our veterans at the VA. The only issue I have with the Mr. Trump that he might be a bit thin skinned when criticized by RINO’s such as Jeb Bush or Lindsay Graham or the “insanestream” liberal media.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the Donald takes no prisoners when the establishment losers on both sides of the aisle continue their transparent search and destroy mission. It’s so refreshing to see him jab back calling media pundits like Chuck Todd “Sleepy” and Charles Krauthammer (not too smart) “Dopey”. I think that Mr. Krauthammer is a intellectual heavyweight, but he and Brit Hume, and Karl Rove are too establishment for my taste. Conversely, Mr. Trump needs rehearsal or preparation time before his appearances and speeches because his two faux pas could alienate moderates and the base. Case in point, Mexicans and OPM’s (other than Mexico’s) that break our immigration laws for the most part are desirous of a better life for themselves and their families. Most of these lawbreakers are poor and uneducated as Mr. Trump articulated. Too, the corruption in Mexico is legendary as their government is complicit in encouraging a mass exodus of their own citizens, which will ultimately result in the USA becoming North Mexico. But, it is inarguable that gang members, drug cartels and other undesirables are streaming into our country because of the porous Southern border. This is resulting in scores of Americans being raped, tortured, robbed and killed by illegal aliens. Back to my point, Donald could have worded this better if he had notes or even a teleprompter for some speeches. If I was handling Mr. Trump’s campaign I would try to tell him to smile and joke sometimes too as “likeability” and personality are huge factors in who American will ultimately elect.

I also reviewed Marco Rubio who I’m not 100% convinced that he is a true conservative. The fact that he was working on backroom deals with Chucky Schumer and Democrats on the amnesty deal makes me a bit suspicious. It must be something in the water that conservatives in Washington D.C. always seem to become more liberal with time spent in D.C. If the choice is between Marco and Hillary though then it will be an easy choice as Marco is right on most of the issues, while Hillary is an unethical and ruthless political hack. I mirror Ann Coulter’s take on illegal immigration in that it will ultimately bankrupt us, plus it will ensure that Democrat’s will win every election unless this border assault is stopped cold.

Elect Hillary Clinton; she has a vagina and other dramas Part II

First of all before I get started on the topic, I wanted to weigh in on the colossally ludicrous “jackbutt” policies of President Obama in not arming our soldiers at recruiting centers and on bases around the country when ISIS has promised to strike at these soft targets. How many more Americans need to die because of Obama’s callousness and indifference toward our brave men in uniform? In some cities, civilians with legal guns are protecting the soldiers instead of the other way around because Obama has disarmed our soldiers because the Pentagon stupidly said they could accidentally discharge their weapons. I know candidate Barack Hussein Obama said in his book “Audacity of Hope” on page 261, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Maybe that is why Obama has treated ISIS in Iraq and Syria with kid gloves while these savages crucify, burn and behead innocent men, women and children throughout the Middle East.

There is quite a flap in the news because Donald Trump swatted down Senator John McCain who called his supporters “crazies”. I think Trump’s statement that POW’s aren’t heroes because they were captured was over the top even if it was directed at McCain, who is his latest nemesis. I believe that Trump reversed himself a little calling McCain a war hero, and I agree with him. Conversely, McCain should make it official and switch parties and let his inner Democrat out and play. I remember when “McPain” called my favorite candidate Ted Cruz a “wacko bird”, which made me furious as John McCain represents the quintessential RINO/Establishment hack class that is overseeing America’s rapid fire decline. Hillary Clinton’s swan dive in the polls is encouraging, but I don’t know if Joe Biden is poised to enter the race, especially after his son Beau Biden on his death bed pleaded with his dad to enter the Presidential sweepstakes in 2016.

We were delving into the ever growing Republican field for POTUS that could have 16 candidates for the nomination when Ohio Governor John Kasich enters the arena. Let’s continue our analysis of some of the combatants for the GOP crown.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is an enigma to me as he fought the good fight for support of Israel, and is bullish on defeating radical Islam. I love his television commercials condemning the Iran nuclear agreement pushed by Obama/Kerry that might be the dumbest treaty in world history. It might even eclipse Neville Chamberlain’s Munich agreement with Hitler as Adolph was more of a wild card in the 1930’s as opposed to the mad Mullah’s in Iran who have promise genocide in Israel in between chanting “Death to America” and dating camels. Rubio is brilliant, articulate and fearless in fighting against liberalism. Conversely, when Marco was working with Marxist Chuck Schumer and the regime on “Comprehensive” (code for amnesty) immigration legislation I had to question his motives and seeming naivete. If the most strident of liberals is for something then you can be absolutely certain that conservatives need to oppose it with everything that they have. Rubio certainly alienated many in the base, but it remains to be seen if he can overcome a classic rookie mistake. Too, the “insanestream” liberal media such as the New York Times really seems to be targeting Mr. Rubio for destruction, so they might see his candidacy as somewhat threatening.